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Improved Defect Visualisation with TWI Crystal Software

Thu, 26 January, 2023

New phase coherence-based inspection capability offers improved visualisation capability of defects.

TWI Crystal™ is an advanced ultrasonic inspection software package that, in combination with leading advanced ultrasonic testing equipment suppliers, enables automated full-matrix capture (FMC), virtual source aperture (VSA) and plane wave imaging (PWI) inspection of industrial structures.

Our software provides an intuitive interface for advanced ultrasonic inspection techniques. TWI Crystal already grants users high defect detection and sizing accuracy capability, offering real time automated inspection through planar or complex geometry structures. This broad capability allows it to be integrated into both in-service and production environments and offers solutions to a range of industrial sectors including nuclear, defence, oil and gas, aerospace, and rail.

Built on a robust scalable architecture, years of research and industrial experience, Crystal software provides a powerful tool that can scale to suit specific needs of many different industries.

Our latest addition, available as both part of the TWI Crystal Software and the Crystal Software Development Kit packages, is phase coherence inspection capability. This new capability is particularly suited to fatigue crack inspections. Phase coherence imaging enhances the B-scan to more clearly indicate crack-like features, making it easier for the user to diagnose and measure.

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