7 Best Pipe Cutters for Plumbers in 2022 | Reviews & Buying Guide

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A pipe cutter is an essential plumbing tool. This tool allows the plumber to cut different construction and plumbing pipes into various sizes while minimizing wastage. As a dependable plumber, you cannot always rely on a hacksaw to cut repair and installation pipes. You ought to explore other better options. After reading this post, you will get a better understanding of the best pipe cutters for plumbers. Actually, we have provided you with a detailed analysis of this kind of product.

Top Rated Pipe Cutters – Detailed Reviews

1. Durable Rigid Pipe Cutter

If you have a metal pipe of about two inches, then you should consider using this product. These cutters have a reputation of efficiency. You can therefore be sure of getting a clean cut once you opt to utilize them. The various models under this brand are quite exceptional. Its innovative king size handle makes it possible to cut pipes of different sizes.

Other notable features of the product include: easy adjustment, a long shank and a big hand. All these attributes make it simple to use and quite efficient. No wonder it tops this list. The only major disadvantage of this amazing plumbing tool is that there aren’t many colors to choose from.

2. Cobra PST109 Pipe Cutter

Sometimes cutting hardened steel can be a challenge. Interestingly, you will never have to worry about cutting pipes made of such alloy once you decide to own a Cobra PST109 pipe cutter. This product is quite effective in cutting hardened steel pipes. The fact that this innovative tool cuts pipes from the inside means that it can cut almost all pipes regardless of their sizes.

Some other striking features of this pipe cutter include: durability, ease of use and a small size. Being small is not always a shortcoming as in this case this feature enhances flexibility. It is nonetheless worth noting that in order to effectively use this product you ought to attach it to another gadget such as a power drill.

3. IWISS PEX Cutter

This item is exceptionally effective in cutting pex pipes. You can nonetheless utilize it in cutting other kinds of plastic pipes too. One of the most striking features of this type of pipe cutter is that it is quite durable. This is perhaps due to the fact that its various parts are made of either steel or aluminum save for the handle.

Does IWISS pex pipe cutter really deserve a spot on this list? Most definitely yes! This pipe cutter has several advantages. To start with, it makes a professional straight cut. It is also when compared to other pipe cutters in the same category. It is therefore quite convenient and easy to carry it. Moreover, its design is equally impressive. Owning this tool will most definitely give you a feeling of accomplishment.

4. RIDGID 23498 Model Pipe cutter

One of the unique features of this plumbing tool is that the blades can be changed. This makes it possible to cut pipes that are of various sizes. This model also reserves a place in the list of the most affordable pipe cutters. This is also one of the most affordable pipe cutters. You therefore do not have to dig deep into your pockets in order to have it in your toolbox.

Other notable features of this type of pipe cutter include: it offers a perfect cut, its design is quite beautiful, and it can cut both plastics and multi-layered tubes. Measuring the size of pipes is also quite easy while using it. The main disadvantage of this amazing product is that finding the replacement spring that allows for application of force while cutting pipes is not always easy.

5. RothenbergerRoCut 42TC 52000 Plastic Pipe Shears

This shear-shaped product facilitates precise cutting. It is possible to use this tool to cut not only PVC pipes but other kinds of pipes too. Any pipe between 1 to 5.8 inches will be perfectly cut by this amazing gadget. Owing to the ingenuity that has been utilized in creating it, you do not have to apply a lot of pressure in order to make a cut.

Owing to its relatively smaller size, this plumbing tool is quite easy to carry. The manufacturers of this model seem to have thought about safety. This is quite evident as this tool has a lockable lever. Whereas this product is made of steel, plastic is what comprises the release button. This to a great extent compromises its durability.

6. Klein Tools 50031 PVC Cutter

The quality of this amazing product that is manufactured in Spain is as high as that of the products that are manufactured in the United States. This device is made of is steel alloy. You can therefore bet that the wear and tear of it is quite slow. Any pipe with a dimension of between half an inch to one and a quarter inches can be cut using this gadget.

This product is particularly good at cutting PVC pipes. You can therefore bet that you will have such an easy time cutting plastic pipes using this gadget. One of the main disadvantages of this tool is that for inexperienced plumbers, handling the tool can be a challenge. Specifically, lining up the steel blade to make the desired cut is not easy for first time users of this plumbing tool.

7. Ginzors Ratcheting PVC and Hose Cutter

This cheap pipe cutter closes this list for us. It is quite effective in cutting both horses and various pipes that are made of plastic. It has a soft rubber handle. Gripping and using it is therefore quite convenient. Additionally, it has a safety feature in the form of a buckle. This feature minimizes the accidents that might occur when the tool is not in use. Perhaps the most notable disadvantage of this cutter is the thin steel blade. Such a thin blade does not make it any easier to cut pipes that might be a little bit thicker.

If you are a serious plumber and you are in need of a reliable pipe cutter, then you should feel free to purchase any of the above listed products at your earliest convenience.


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