Best Sewer Camera for Drain Inspection | Reviews Guide 2022

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As a professional plumber there are a number of tools that you should never lack in your toolbox. Specifically you should aspire to own a sewer camera if you already do not have one. This gadget helps one to inspect where the problem that needs fixing in a drainage system could be located. It therefore makes the work of a plumber to be quite easy. A sewer camera normally has a cable attached to a screen. This makes it easy for a plumber to inspect different areas without being too intrusive. Would you like to better understand the best sewer camera for drain inspection? If yes, then be sure to read the rest of this post.

Key features of the best sewer camera

Buying a sewer camera for the first time can be quite confusing. There are nonetheless some important features that you should focus on when buying such a gadget. By focusing on such characteristics, you will be able to end up with the best sewer camera. One of such critical attributes is lighting. It would be best if you considered illumination during the purchase of a sewer camera. This is because without enough lighting, it would be difficult to diagnose areas that are hard to see.

Secondly, you should think about the length of the insertion probe. An insertion probe that is too short will not do you any good. It should be long enough for you to be effective at your job. Additionally, you should be sure to consider the resolution of the screen. You do not want to be dealing with images that are blurred due to poor resolution of the monitor. Furthermore, you should be sure to check whether a certain sewer camera is water resistant or not prior to purchasing it.

A detailed review of the Best Sewer Cameras

Highlighted below are the best sewer cameras. This list features their respective models. It also notes the notable qualities of such gadgets.

1. HBUDS Sewer Camera with Locator

On top of this list is HBUDS sewer camera with locator. One of the most notable features of this sewer camera is its long cable. Specifically, it is 165 feet long. Inspecting one manhole to the other therefore becomes quite easy while using this tool. This is a great advantage especially for those plumbers working on a sewer line whose manholes are widely spread apart.

As mentioned above, proper illumination is an important characteristic of a sewer camera. This is something that the manufacturers of HBUDS sewer cameras seem aware of. This is because this gadget has LED light. Owing to this fact, one is able to inspect and diagnose even those areas of the drainage system that have poor lighting.

The screen of this type of sewer camera is also quite impressive. To start with, it has a decent size of seven inches. On top of this, it is colored. This means that it captures different pictures the same manner as the human eye would. Also important to note is that it has an upgradable memory card. Recording and storing relevant footage therefore becomes quite easy while using it. This sewer camera comes with a storage size of eight gb.

2. Vividia 9mm Portable Digital

This is one of the cheapest sewer cameras in the market. Although the screen quality is not that great, it is sufficient enough! You will not struggle too much trying to discern images displayed on the screen. Specifically, the resolution of the camera is 0.3 megapixels. This sewer camera also does not have the recording feature. This means that you will not be able to store the captured images or the different footage. Its screen size of 2.4 inches is also quite small.

With all these shortcomings, one might therefore wonder why it appears on this list of the best sewer cameras. For starters, it has great illumination. Its four LED lights make it easy to inspect areas that are poorly lit. Secondly the inspection probe is water resistant. This makes it possible to capture different objects inside water. Moreover, it has some additional characteristics. These are namely; a magnet, mirror and a hook. We recommend this camera to anyone who does not do plumbing professionally.

3. DEPSTECH 2.0 MP HD WiFi Borescope IP67 Waterproof Inspection Camera

In terms of price, this camera can be a little bit expensive. The price seems reasonable as it has some unique features. One of such characteristics is a detachable screen. The cable is also relatively long. The size of this cable is normally 3.05 meters. The screen is also not that small. A size of 3.5 inches of this type of camera is sufficient.

The color screen of this type of sewer camera makes it possible to see things as one would normally perceive them using the human eye. The 6 LED inspection lights at the inspection probe make inspecting dark places easy and effective. We recommend this type of camera to any professional plumber.

4. Extech BR80 Video Borescope Inspection Camera

This waterproof camera closes our list of best sewer cameras. Its handheld design makes it quite easy to carry. This in turn means that it is easy to use it in terms of detecting and diagnosing various issues that a drainage system could be having. The four LED lights that this camera has provide enough illumination when examining dark areas.

The screen of this camera has a size of 2.4 inches. This is a decent size for a screen for an inspection camera. This gadget has a wide range of applications not only in plumbing but also in security and automotive industries. It is also quite affordable given its many innovative features. Other accessories that come with this device include: a magnet, a hook and a mirror.

This inspection camera is also quite easy to use. Notably, it has a button for controlling light intensity depending on how dark the area that one would like to inspect is. On top of his, image rotation is facilitated and controlled using a button that is easy to use. It also has a bar that indicates the status of the battery. All these features make it quite easy to operate. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why it has become quite popular.

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